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30 Best Hairstyles for Girls to Look Beautiful

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A well-chosen hairstyle can completely change the way you look. It’s important to select a style that goes well with your facial shape, hair type, and personal taste rather than just following fads. We’ll go over the top ten hairstyles in this post that can instantly transform any girl into a dazzling appearance. The 30 most attractive hairstyles for girls will be discussed in this extensive guide. We’ve got you covered for both traditional looks and contemporary fashions. Let us now explore and discover the ideal hairdo that will accentuate your natural attractiveness.

1. Top Braids with Loose Hairstyles for Girls:

hairstyles for girls

This adorable and lovely loose hairstyle with a top braid may instantly make you look like a diva if you’re younger. For ladies and girls with straight or smooth hair textures, this lovely hairdo is elegant and captivating. Try this look if your hair is medium- to long-length.

2. Back Braided Side Buns:

hairstyles for girls

Right now, this is one of the most popular hairstyles for girls. We adore this two side buns and back semi-braided hairstyle, which exudes a lovely vibe right away. Teenage girls and women in younger age groups can try this style with ease. It is ideal for special occasions and gatherings and offers a sophisticated, distinctive, and captivating appeal.

3. Fishtail Braid with Bangs:

hairstyles for girls

Although fishtail braids are quite popular in the fashion world, why not experiment a little more to create a truly distinctive and elegant look? These are some of the most stylish hairstyles for ladies and girls. A fishtail braid changes the purple hairstyle with bangs, amplifying the overall style statement and boosting your edgy and stylish appearance! Try this if your hair is straight or wavy in the hair department.

4. One Strand Braid with Long Curls:

hairstyles for girls

Take a look at this simple hairdo that young girls may get in only five to ten minutes. All you need is a curling iron or, if your hair is already wavy or curly, a good detangling brush. Additionally, use a frizz balm to smooth your hair and prepare to show off your new hairstyle.

5. Curvy Dutch Braid for Straight Hairstyles for Girls:

hairstyles for girls

This is yet another gorgeous hairstyle for girls with perfectly straight hair. For girls who enjoy braiding yet want the flexibility of an open hairdo, this is a terrific look. On your long, straight hair, a gorgeous Dutch-style braid cascades down like a delicate waterfall. If you practice with your fingers a little, you can easily imitate it.

6. Rose Bun with Multi Braids:

hairstyles for girls

Are you going to an official party? Make sure your hair is flawless to go with your dress! In situations like this, where you have little to no assistance, this simple rose braid might be your ultimate lifesaver. With just a few rubber bands and bobby pins, you may proudly display your artistic abilities.

7. Twisted Hairstyle for Long Hair:

Check out the school-appropriate hairstyle of this lazy girl! You can get ready in no time with this hairstyle that only takes five minutes. There is no complicated braiding technique needed for this style, which suits all hair kinds and lengths. All you have to learn is how to tie your hair up and twist it in a nice manner. That is all! Now you may go around stealing hearts while flaunting your gorgeous girl appearance!

8. The Voluminous French Braid:

hairstyles for girls

An attractive hairstyle that gives your hair a hint of beauty is the Voluminous French Braid. It’s a great option for special occasions when you want to seem effortlessly chic because it adds volume and radiates a timeless charm.

9. Simple Twisted Bubble Hairstyle:

hairstyles for girls

This is an additional intriguing rendition of the twisted hairdo suited for girls. You can now add some “bubbles” for a whimsical look, rather than simply rolling in your side strands. When viewed from a distance, this not only gives thin, straight hair a little amount of volume, but it also gives the appearance of three dimensions. Depending on the length of your hair, you will need to have a minimum of twelve rubber bands on hand to accomplish this.

10. Two French Side Braid:

hairstyles for girls

View this alternative girls’ hairstyle, a twisted take on the traditional French braid. Using a central barrier, weave the braid on either side rather than in the center. Using this technique, you may produce a crown-like impression by adding a lot of volume on the sides. And at last, you may surprise everyone by binding them all together to form a single braid at the end!

11. Crown French Braid:

hairstyles for girls

With this gorgeous long hairstyle for girls, you may bring out your inner Queen. Perfect for important events when you need to seem refined and exquisite, this hairdo pays homage to the Greek goddess. Your hair is twisted up into the typical French braids to create a complex crown. You’ll definitely get noticed if you try this for your school’s prom celebration!

12. Half Top Knot Hairstyle:

hairstyles for girls

This is an elegant twist on the standard top knot! Knowing the fundamentals of the French braid will make creating the rose bun hairstyle for girls quite simple. It gives your crown additional volume while letting you showcase the length of your hair as a whole. It may appear a little difficult for novices, but it doesn’t take long to complete once your fingers get skilled!

13. Bubble Ponytail:

hairstyles for girls

This unusual hairstyle for females makes you feel “bubbly” and gives the standard ponytail a sporty vibe! Furthermore, no intricate weaving techniques or braiding are used. All you need is a knitting needle or splitting comb, plus a couple of rubber bands, depending on the length of your hair. That is all!

14. Side-Swept Messy Fishtail Braid:

hairstyles for girls

Without a doubt, one of the most stylish hairstyles for girls is the fishtail. This is one that has a laid-back, stylish appearance. You can get the same bohemian-inspired hairstyle at home by combing your hair in a zigzag pattern and using a fishtail braid. Continue until the very end, when it takes on the appearance of a “fishtail.” To produce a voluminous and disheveled look, rip out the braid’s strands using your fingers or the pointed edge of a separating comb.

15. Platinum Blonde Top Bun Hairstyle:

Is your school hosting a prom night? Check out this cute bun hairstyle for girls that is reminiscent of America; it will definitely get you all the attention you deserve. The snow-white hair is styled into a bun to accentuate your defined features. For even more glitz, you could even tuck a bit of the diamond inside the bun. Remember to experiment with the metallic highlighter on your face to balance the color of your hair as well.

16. High Pony for Brown Hair:

This classic hairdo will always turn heads on long-haired girls! Tying up the pony fairly high on the crown makes it easy to achieve the sporty, casual look. Furthermore, there isn’t any subtlety or intricate method utilized. All you need to do is lift your hair up and brush it properly so that an elastic band can hold it in place. To keep the pony in place, make sure it’s really tight. For a bushier look, brush the remaining hair.

17. Elegant Low Braided Bun:

Your party dresses and sarees look amazing with this lovely bun hairdo for girls. But you’re wrong if you believe that making it requires a lot of work! Your hair should be combed sideways and secured with an elastic band. Gather the hair into a braid and roll it up to create a low bun. For a polished look, add hair spray and bobby buns to secure it.

18. Deep Wavy Curls for Black Hair:

hairstyles for girls

Check out this wavy hairstyle for girls if you’ve always wanted some deep curls to showcase your gorgeous side! With a hot curling iron or, with a little practice, a straightening iron, you can achieve the defined, smooth waves. Just be sure to adequately hydrate your hair to achieve those beautiful locks and keep them from drying out too quickly!

19. Black Curly Hairstyle:

Your inner beauty can be highlighted with this Afro hairstyle for curly-haired girls. Having a layered cut makes the coiled curls seem flawless. This look works for any occasion and every mood, from formal to casual! Using a scrunchie to wrap it up into a high pony, or combing it sideways are your options. For maximum control over volume and shape retention, apply a frizz-taming lotion to your hair.

20. Celestial Waves with Headband:

hairstyles for girls

Take a look at this stunning hairdo that looks too lovely to be true for girls with long hair! For big events where you want to steal the show, this endearing look is ideal. Simply use a hot brush or curler to create large waves in your hair. For a fashionable appearance, add an attractive hairband. To extend the life of your curls and ensure that the dry ends are smoothed out, use a setting spray!

21. Loose Fishtail Braid with Fresh Flowers:

hairstyles for girls

In less than ten minutes, this simple hairstyle for girls with long hair will cure all of your cosmetic problems. Simply brush your hair to one side and begin braiding it into a fishtail from the nape of your neck. Continue to the very end, and then use fresh, vibrant flowers to accessorize your hair.

22. Double-side French Braid for Long Hair:

A novel twist on the traditional one-side French braid, this hairstyle is ideal for girls with long hair. Even though they are more youthful, double-braided hairstyles nevertheless have a feminine appeal. Section your hair into two and replace your tight braids with loose French braids. Simply draw out the strands to create a volume using the standard braiding technique.

23. Two Ponytail Hairstyles for School Girls:

This hairdo for girls with long hair who attend school is inspired by the legendary Barbie doll! Your face is defined by the high ponytails on both sides without looking overly formal. To add volume, simply brush your hair and gently tease the crown a little. Part your hair now, and secure two ponytails high on the crown. Adorn them with a pair of satin ribbons, et voilà! In your own Barbie world, you will undoubtedly seem like a Barbie girl!

24. Sleek Long Hair with Front Bangs:

hairstyles for girls

The long hair trend never goes out of style! Consider getting bangs instead of trimming off the length if you’re sick of wearing the same haircut! This season, front bangs appear to be among the hottest trends seen on the red carpet. The main benefit of wearing them is that you can give the appearance of having a narrower face, which highlights your nose and chin, and other noticeable features. Amazing concept, isn’t it?

25. Half French Braid for Multi-Colored Hair:

Like your inner energy, this girl’s hairstyle is colorful and lively! This unique appearance is achieved by coloring the blonde hair in various tones of green, blue, orange, yellow, and so forth! If you’d rather take it easy on some days, you can wear it half-French braided or leave it open to show off the colors. Secure with a band after beginning at the top layer and lightly braiding down to the middle.

26. French Fishtail Braid Hairstyle:

hairstyles for girls

Beauty and elegance are the perfect terms to sum up this gorgeous girl’s hairstyle! The “French” touch adds glitz to the traditional fishtail braid. To begin utilizing the French-style fish braiding technique, simply brush your hair backward starting at the ear length. Use the standard fish braid to finish it off at the neck level, then fasten it with an elastic band.

27. Pineapple Bun for Curly-Haired Girls:

This can be a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a quick hairstyle for curly hair that will have you looking put together in minutes! The pineapple-style bun, which requires no special tools or skills to manufacture, is currently popular in the fashion world. Simply pull your hair back and secure it with a scrunchie. Now, remove the bun’s ends to reveal a curly blob on the head. To control the frizz and maintain the finest possible condition for your “pineapple,” use a spray!

28. Mohawk Pixie with Undercut:

For girls with short hair and a rebellious spirit, this is one of the greatest hairstyles! The Mohawk haircut has a spiky hair layer in the middle and a tidy undercut on the rear. You can choose to go monochromatic or combine colors, such as red and black. If you work in an office all day or are a student, the bold and aggressive haircut might not be the best choice.

29. Curly Bob with Floral Headband:

Look at this gorgeous girl’s curly hairstyle! Various styling options for the adaptable haircut allow for daily creative transformations. One such concept that would be perfect for a beach party in Hawaii is this one! Cut into tidy layers that nearly blend together, the naturally flowing curls are still present. Apply a flowery headband as a finishing touch, and get ready to have fun!

30. One Side Curly Pixie for Brown Hair:

hairstyles for girls

Check out this chic haircut for curly-haired girls! An excellent method to show off your naturally curly hair without having to deal with upkeep issues is to get an asymmetrical pixie cut. Simply request that your stylist cut one side short, almost like a boy cut, and give the other side length and volume. This gives you the effortlessly stylish appearance you’ve always desired!

Final Thoughts

Your entire look is greatly influenced by your hairdo. You can accentuate your beauty and show off your individual style by selecting one of the top 30 hairstyles for girls to look gorgeous. Try new things, enjoy yourself, and don’t be scared to adjust things. You can create anything you want with your hair as a canvas.


Which haircut maintains the length of the hair while working best for long hair?

Numerous long hairstyles are available that give you a fashionable appearance without sacrificing length. Among the more well-liked ones are the feather cut, U cut, layered cuts, step cuts, tapered end cuts, and front bangs. These hairstyles produce lovely effects on the top layers of your hair while maintaining the actual length of your hair.

For important events, how should I style my short hair?

On significant days, there are various ways to add a unique touch to your short hairdo, such as a pixie or bob cut. Simply get some ornamental pins, comb pins, or hairbands made specifically for short hair. To make these accessories appear amazing, insert them after using a setting spray to hold the shape!

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