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60 Best Timeless Haircuts and Hairstyles for Older Women

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Age and adulthood bring with them a ton of hair problems. It is possible to have a more voluminous, bouncy, and thicker-looking hairstyle for mature women. Certain hairstyles can draw attention to the contours and features of your face. Layers, for instance, highlight certain face characteristics, while feathery ends can mellow them. You might look elegant and sophisticated instead of worn out with the correct hairdo. As licensed cosmetologist Dawna Jarvis puts it, “Try new things without fear. The best thing about hair is that we can change it.” This is for you if you’ve given up on hair styling! Discover some important elements you should think about when selecting a new hairdo by reading on. View these gorgeous hairstyles for older women. you won’t be disappointed if you scroll down!

As we gracefully navigate the journey of aging, our hairstyles for older women play a pivotal role in expressing our individuality and embracing the beauty that comes with maturity. Selecting a new hairstyle for a new phase of life doesn’t have to be an extreme change. “You can stick with your favorite style, but update it in little ways,” stylist Mark Garrison advises. Working with a stylist who prioritizes your bone structure, hair type, and desired maintenance level will help you get the desired results. Stylists advise looking to a celebrity who shares your facial shape and hair type to get ideas on what would look best on you while choosing the greatest haircut for your age.

At Lokoza, we understand the significance of finding hairstyles that not only complement your features but also exude confidence and sophistication. In this exclusive guide, we unveil the 60 best hairstyles for older women, curated to redefine elegance and celebrate the essence of every woman’s unique charm.

Elegant and Stylish Hairstyles for Older Women

1. Long and Lovely Hairstyles for Older Women

hairstyles for older women

It is obvious that whoever asked the question, “Does long hair make an older woman look older?” had not seen Naomi Campbell. If you’re still unsure about growing out your hair, you may still achieve the look without committing by wearing a wig or a weave.

2. Voluminous Pixie

Jane Fonda is a wonderful example of someone who knows how to age gracefully. Go all out with a short hairstyle that’s packed with volume and layers.

3. Beachy Bob

Inexplicably, Alfre Woodard’s bob appears both styled and untangled. Choose a shortcut with several hair layers to get this style, then use a curling iron to add loose waves for dimension and volume.

4. Pompadour Updo

Nothing is more stylish than Helen Mirren. A pompadour updo, which gives thinner hair plenty of volume at the crown and makes it appear thicker, is a great way to mimic her exquisite style.

5. Voluminous Lob

Like Padma Lakshmi’s, Padma’s “lob” (long bob) hits the ideal, adaptable balance between short and long hair. Use a volumizing mousse all over wet strands to increase the fullness of your hair, and then use a large-barrel curling iron to curl the bottom half of your hair once it has dried.

6. Curly Mohawk

Try this amazing hairstyle for elderly women to update your updo. This mohawk hairstyle, as seen on Viola Davis, will prevent you from seeming like a follower of the crowd. Her curls cascading down add the perfect amount of sharpness.

7. Spunky Crop Hairstyles for Older Women

A pixie with choppy pieces is low maintenance, wash and go, and looks young and fresh. Try Judi Dench’s style of the pixie cut with feathery micro bangs. These can assist draw emphasis to your eyes and lengthen your face. To improve the shape, run a tiny bit of pomade into small areas of dry hair.

8. Tantalizing Tendrils

A simple method to freshen up your appearance if you have long or medium-length hair is to tie it back into a messy bun. To help frame your face, let a tendril fall on each side if your hair is layered like Salma Hayek’s.

9. Bangs with Long Waves

Glamor at its finest can be seen in Angela Bassett’s cool, fringed look. While blunt bangs frame your face, long waves assist draw attention to your cheekbones.

10. Modern Shag

Go for a shaggier cut like Suzanne Somers for an incredibly adaptable style. Suggest face-framing layers that seamlessly integrate your wispy bangs.

11. Side Swoop

Before blow drying your hair, part the front of your hair off-center to effortlessly add subtle drama, just like Patti LaBelle. To hold it in place, lightly mist the portion and front section with setting spray.

12. Full Curly Texture

As Andie Macdowell demonstrates, embracing the volume and curly or wavy structure of hair provides a beautiful softness to the face. Before air-drying or styling, work a curl-defining mousse through wet strands.

13. Asymmetrical Style Hairstyles for Older Women

hairstyles for older women

Asymmetrical cuts provide dimension to your face and overall appearance. The honey-blonde Jennifer Lopez looks amazing with this asymmetrical bob.

14. Lush Curls

Bouncy, well-shaped spirals read as vibrant, youthful, and attractive regardless of the length of your hair. For tighter coils, curl little pieces with a 3/4″ curling iron; for looser coils, use a 1″ one, as Meg Ryan does.

15. Elegant Topknot

hairstyles for older women

Like Julianne Moore, draw your hair back into a delicate chignon at the top of your head to visually “lift” your facial features. To control any flyaways, lightly spritz the front with hairspray.

16. Auburn Curls

Try a soft auburn hue like Debbie Allen to accentuate your natural curls. Pull back a portion of your hair at the crown while letting your curls fall naturally to showcase your face.

17. Effortless Updo

Try arranging a few parts of your hair to one side, à like Susan Sarandon, the next time you wear your hair up.

18. Defined Ringlets Hairstyles for Older Women

Embrace your inherent texture, just like Oprah Winfrey did. How can I be most certain that every coil is defined? While the hair strands are still wet, apply a gel to curly hair.

19. Bob with Chunky Highlights

Choose chunkier highlights, like Christine Baranski, if you want your color to pop. Your entire face will glow from these streaks.

20. A Close Cut with Volume

Older women might look edgier with a pompadour hairstyle. Add some loose curls and sag it slightly to the side, à la Vivica Fox, to make it softer. By putting some clip-ins at the top of your hair, you may get this close-cut style. To frame your face, if your hair is longer, consider pushing it completely up to the front and pinning it where needed.

21. Curly Bangs

Do you believe that having curly hair and bangs is impossible if you don’t have time each morning to blow dry it? Rethink your thoughts. Trust Bernadette Peters when she says that curly bangs are effortless and quite attractive.

22. Caramel Highlights

Caramel-colored accents will give your appearance some warmth. Gayle King’s side part and loose curls make this look pop.

23. Warm Highlights

Follow Iman’s lead and bring this photo to the salon for money-piece highlights, which are focused highlights around the face that lend dimension and glow to the complexion.

24. Half-Up Hairstyle

hairstyles for older women

Do the colors of your hair and skin match? If so, you can appear worn out. Even if you have blonde hair, take a cue from Meryl Streep and go for a base color at least two shades darker than your skin tone. Pulling half of your hair up will assist add volume to the roots if your hair is thin.

25. Go Gray

hairstyles for older women

Are you trying to find a haircut that flatters women over seventy-five? What about women who are 90 years old? You only need to look to Rita Moreno. How can gray hair be styled to seem fashionable? Ms. Moreno demonstrates that a blunt bob with gray hair is a timeless style.

26. Box Braid Beauty

hairstyles for older women

Box braids are a fantastic method to provide you with the option of a varied design while protecting your natural hair. Cynthia Bailey flaunts her gorgeous bone structure with blonde and brown box braids pulled into a half ponytail.

27. Lob With Long Bangs

hairstyles for older women

Your hair’s ends may appear frayed and are more prone to breakage and splitting, particularly if they have had years of chemical treatments. Trim those troublesome inches off your hair. Shorter, healthier-looking hair always looks younger than longer, more damaged hair. The ideal method to breathe new life into any old cut without making a significant alteration is to add long, piecey fringe like Diane Keaton.

28. Voluminous Waves

hairstyles for older women

Full hair can be styled to accentuate the curve of your cheekbones and embrace your bone structure, giving you a Madonna-like face shape.

29. Low Bun with a Deep Side Part

Michelle Obama is the definition of style, and with this low bun, you may look just as elegant as the First Lady. Hairstyles for older women, this is an easy haircut to pull off with a beautiful deep side part.

30. Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Older Women

hairstyles for older women

The ultra-chic, low-maintenance pixie cut popularized by Jamie Lee Curtis is ideal for older ladies. You can achieve a red carpet-worthy appearance in a matter of minutes with just a little volumizer and gel.

31. Ringlet Curls

It’s evident from Tina Lawson that ringlet curls aren’t just for kids. Her ombré curls, cropped to a medium length, are an ageless hairdo. Older women look fantastic in this style; if your hair is fine, add layers to give the appearance of greater volume.

32. Side Bangs

hairstyles for older women

Even if your cut is as short as Maggie Smith’s, textured, wispy, coiffed side bangs can deflect attention off your neck.

33. Blunt Bangs

You can use your hair to hide any trouble spots if you so choose (not that Tina Turner’s famous hair is perfect, after all). Try brow-skimming bangs if you want to cover up forehead creases. They’ll draw attention to your eyes and cover lines.

34. Layered Waves Hairstyles for Older Women

It’s not necessary to cut your hair shorter just because you become a year older. Choose Jane Seymour’s hairstyle if you adore your long hair, and ask your hairdresser to add feathery layers and a delicate balayage highlighting treatment.

35. Classic Lob

hairstyles for older women

The classic shoulder-length cut of Sally Field has so many attractive elements, like the face-framing layers and the delicate highlights.

36. The Flip Bob

Take a classic bob and turn it upside down! Diahann Carroll demonstrates how to modernize a classic look for older women with just a few layers and a flip at the end. For older women, this short hairstyle is ultra-chic and flattering on ladies who wear spectacles.

37. Sleek Bob

Jessica Lange’s jawline-skimming bob falls somewhere between a pixie and a shoulder-length cut. The deep side part and blunt style are quite attractive and provide us with the motivation we need to try a short hairstyle.

38. Center Part

Nobody has been able to rock the center part quite like Cher, both then and now. This traditional black hair color and abundant curls make this an easy haircut for older women to pull off.

39. Layers and Volume

hairstyles for older women

Christie Brinkley is practically ageless, but she has taught us one important lesson: loudness matters. She provides an abundance of layers and lifts, demonstrating how to craft an impeccable, classic look.

40. Smooth and Glossy

hairstyles for older women

Sleek, ultra-straight bangs always feel contemporary. This kind of look makes it simple to tie your hair back into a low bun or a stylish ponytail, as Allison Janney shows us here.

41. Beach Wave

hairstyles for older women

Robin Givens serves as an example of how to create the beach wave feeling even when you’re not on vacation. The effortless nature of this hairstyle makes it ideal for older ladies with medium-length, long-length, or short hair.

42. Sleek Bob

hairstyles for older women

For a look like Katie Couric’s, you want layers that are shorter in the back and at least nape length. This method of adding swing reduces defects overall, and longer sections in front will create the appearance of sharper angles where they are needed.

43. Symmetrical Waves

hairstyles for older women

Use layers that practically “point” toward your best features, such as Michelle Pfeiffer’s pieces that accentuate her gorgeous cheekbones. For example, if you have a beautiful smile, request pieces that fall at lip level and are chin-length in front.

44. Blown-out Bob

Keep in mind that, unless you’re sixteen, a flat-against-the-head style rarely looks well. The stylist for Sigourney Weaver added more layers to the top to enhance the volume of the crown. Use a teasing comb a couple of times when styling your hair. The volume will give your face some much-needed brightness for the perfect older woman’s hairstyle.

45. Textured Lob

hairstyles for older women

“Timeless” does not necessarily equate to “boring.” A significant amount of sass was used in the creation of this volumized long bob. The lob has been popular for years since it’s a fantastic length that suits most people.

46. Subtle Undercut Crop

hairstyles for older women

The ultra-subtle undercut detail by the temple allows this cropped cut to strike the ideal mix between traditional and contemporary. This style can be elegant or strong, edgy or professional.

47. Graduated Bob Cut

“Bring on the bobs,” we exclaim. Nothing looks more impressive than extremely piled layers with an angled cut. It accentuates the jawline as if it were private property.

48. Sleek Mid-Length Cut

Chris Greene, a stylist, created this cut for people who want to look like they just had a flippy blowout every single day. Three great hairstyles include side parting, simple layers, and smoothing hair oil. And regardless of age, it flatters.

49. Shaggy Shoulder-Grazing Cut

When it comes to layering, “More is more,” is the maxim. You will receive every ounce of volume, texture, and movement a female could desire. Moreover, you may easily run your fingers through this cut.

50. Choppy Lob Cut

hairstyles for older women

Everybody aspires to have that gorgeous “lived-in” look, and this layered long bob looks amazing at giving it. Side-swept bangs add just the right amount of style. In addition, choppy bobs give your hair more body, movement, and volume to prevent it from going flat.

51. Side-Swept Pixie Cut

hairstyles for older women

When sporting a short ‘do, we prefer a razored look, and this pixie cut is seriously outdoing the competition. This shaggy pixie cut’s lengthier bangs make it ultra-stylish and side-swept with little fuss.

52. Curly Bangs

When cutting curly hair, you want all the elements to blend seamlessly. Daisy Henson, a stylist, created a lively head of curls with these layers and bangs.

53. French Bob

hairstyles for older women

Add a little mystery to a classic bob haircut. The stylish chin-hugging length, blunt edges, and shaggy bangs combine to create a chic style that works well for any age. We believe that the French bob is here to stay because it has been around for a while.

54. Undercut Pixie Cut

Take it up a few inches to an ultra-modern pixie that is the antithesis of stuffy or overdone when you’re just tired of the bob. Boldness knows no age restrictions, and we support you in it.

55. Relaxed Collarbone Cut

hairstyles for older women

This effortless and airy collarbone-skimming cut has fulfilled all of your short hair dreams, and it makes us want to chop off a few inches right away. There’s just enough mess in this look to give you a carefree vibe.

56. Slightly Stacked Bob

hairstyles for older women

We go stacked when the hair gets flat. Add layered layers towards the back to instantly convert any shortcut into something much more voluminous and statement-making.

57. Soft Blunt Bob

It’s not necessary to be harsh to be direct. This cut looks considerably softer and is much more wearable for everyone when the ends are feathered out.

58. Sleek Shoulder Cut

hairstyles for older women

This hairstyle appears to be appropriate for a ladies’ lunch outing. One cannot easily defeat a shoulder cut. Styles for shoulder-length hair are incredibly versatile and practical at the same time.

59. Cheek-Grazing Pixie Cut

hairstyles for older women

The best answer to your request for a “bob but shorter” is this. The most attractive aspect of the side-swept part skims the cheek, while stacked layers in the back add more volume. This iconic cut will last for a very long time.

60. Cropped Bob

hairstyles for older women

After obtaining this quirky short haircut, you won’t go back below the shoulder. Save this inspiration for when you next visit the salon. It looks great for a night out as well as throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

At Lokoza, we believe that age is a celebration of wisdom and beauty, and your hairstyle should reflect the same sentiment. These 60 best hairstyles for older women are carefully selected to empower you with choices that resonate with your personality and stand the test of time. Let your hair be a canvas for self-expression, embracing the elegance that comes with every passing year.

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