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70 Stylish Long Hairstyles for Men

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A limitless amount of styling options are available with long hair. The adaptability of long hairstyles lets men express themselves in a variety of ways, from bold, contemporary designs to classic waves. A statement of uniqueness, long hair goes beyond mere fashion. A number of considerations, including facial form, hair type, and lifestyle, must be made while choosing the perfect long haircut. Picking a hairstyle that fits your maintenance capabilities and personal preferences is crucial, whether you want a tidy ponytail or a flowing mane. Long hairstyles for men have become more than just a trend; they’re a powerful expression of personal style. As men’s grooming evolves, the versatility and charm of long hair are gaining prominence. Let’s dive into the world of 70 stylish long hairstyles that perfectly blend tradition and contemporary flair.

How To Choose the Best Everyday Long Hairstyle For Men?

The most flattering daily hairdo is the one that works best with our hair’s natural texture. This is particularly true when it comes to men’s haircuts. It’s difficult to envision a male holding a curling iron when ladies can flat iron or weave their hair all the time. One major prerequisite for men’s dos is little upkeep, or better yet, none at all. Having a good haircut is essential, especially for those with longer hair. Any cuts that are left out will show in your overall appearance and make styling much more difficult. For instance, densely layered fine hair that tends to curl may frizz excessively.

For most men with good hair, a shoulder-length haircut or somewhat shorter with little layering at the ends works well. On straight hair, punk hairstyles look great, and recommend more layering with a spiky finish around the corners. Longer hairstyles look more put together when tucked behind the ear, making them suitable for workplace wear.

Hair Care Tips

Regular washing, conditioning, and applying hydrated products are all part of long-hair care routines; these actions nourish and moisturize your hair while enhancing its inherent shine. Please don’t use too many styling products in men’s long hairstyles to keep them from leaning too feminine. Better control can be obtained with a small amount of light hold gel or pomade, and wet looks often feature curls more attractively. Apart from that, strive to keep your hairstyles informal and basic.

In summary, schedule a consultation with a skilled stylist and select a look from the list below that you like and can wear yourself.

1. Twist-In Bun

long hairstyles for men

The majority of long hairstyles for men cater to individuals with longer manes, but this one is suitable for those who are merely going to pull their hair into a ponytail. In actuality, it consists of two parts that have been loosely twisted and separated, joined to form a low pony, and then twisted into a sort of hurried sloppy knot. For a truly laid-back look, let the tips protrude.

2. Shoulder Length Side Part

When it comes to long haircuts for boys, this particular style will give an ordinarily casual mood a hint of maturity. It calls for a noticeable, deep side split that sweeps a sizable portion of the hair to one side. Even at a formal event, the current trend of messy hair might work well.

3. Braid-Into-Bun Punk Men’s Hairstyle

This is an extremely intricate style that calls for some individuality. The hair is first shaved in a V shape. After that, it is fashioned into an upside-down French braid, starting from the bottom. Finally, it’s wrapped back into a bun halfway up the head. Work-intensive, but well worth it.

4. Side-and-Back Swept Mane

Guys with long hair will be able to pull this one off with ease. Just give your hair a bath, towel dry it, put some product in it, and then run your fingers through it without brushing. The idea is to sweep the majority of your hair to one side and create a side part at the hairline.

5. Braids, Bun, and Side Undercuts

long hairstyles for men

This is the intersection of hipster and hip-hop with punk. Working very near to the scalp, you can French braid numerous pieces of your hair if you have long hair with side undercuts. Finally, draw the hair back into a traditional high bun.

6. Side-Swept Long Hair with Undercut

long hairstyles for men

Are you confused about how to style your thick, curly hair? Try letting it flow freely on top rather than taking the simple path and making it all brief. Put a small amount of mousse or any other curl enhancer that works for your hair type on untidy, disheveled curls. Instead of looking frizzy and messy, a style product will give it a piece-y, textured appearance.

7. Easy Swept-Back Layered Style

long hairstyles for men

If you think of men with long hairstyles, you typically picture guys who live in the woods and are outdoorsy, with unkempt hair that falls down their backs. Nonetheless, long hairstyles for men can undoubtedly have a chicer, more refined edge. For individuals who want to go long without going crazy, gentle layers and shoulder-length hair are terrific options.

8. Long, Blonde, and Braided

long hairstyles for men

Men’s braids can be just as stylish and enjoyable as women’s, if not more so. Do you wish to flaunt your new, hip hair color? A big French braid placed straight down the middle may look good. The plaited style will make you stand out in any crowd and beautifully display color, especially platinum blonde.

9. Crazy Long Tied-Up Hair

long hairstyles for men

Straight, silky hair isn’t the only requirement for long hairstyles for men. Hair that is rougher or curlier looks fantastic with long locks! When swept back and fastened with a headband, heads with wild curls can really appear really stylish. You’ll look great and feel like the coolest guy on the street in addition to keeping your hair out of your face. The long hair trend for guys is given a new twist by a lineup with long hair.

10. Highlighted Curls for Men

long hairstyles for men

If you have been blessed with flawless, naturally tight curls, you have an infinite variety of stylish hairstyles to choose from. You really only need to put in a little to no effort to achieve this one perfect haircut! Investing in curl-defining shampoo, conditioner, and styling products is all that’s required. Try using a mousse or foam that encourages curls on damp hair, then use a diffuser to blow dry.

11. The Longest Combover Ever

long hairstyles for men

Men who have long hair can style it with an attractive undercut. For instance, a long middle part combined with shaved sides creates a really amazing rock-and-roll look that is quite adaptable.

12. Men’s Hair in a Messy Bun

long hairstyles for men

The man bun is the most effortless and fashionable of all the hairstyles for men. We’re not sure if it’s the unquestionable attraction of the bun style or the hipster movement, but this look is sure to turn heads. It is the most comfortable and convenient style ever and takes less than a minute to put together. How could one ask for more?

13. Vibrant Violet Cornrows

Use some colored cornrows to get your longer locks under control and add some color at the same time if you’re feeling very adventurous with them. These are bright and require no makeup, making them ideal for trips or long workdays. You may wear them for days.

14. Dreadlocked Long Hairstyle

Long hairstyles don’t have to be dull, even for males. They ought to honor the man’s distinct qualities and traits. Additionally, a man’s long look couldn’t be better if he is now sporting loud, proud dreadlocks. Consider shaving the back of your head while leaving your dreadlocks long and pulled back into a ponytail on top.

15. Artistic Long Hair

Long hairstyles for men are a great way to show off your creative side. Make use of your lower head as a painting surface. Cut your hair short and add a stylish shaved-in pattern. For a striking contrast, let the hair on top grow out long.

16. Dashing Wavy Long Locks

Your hair may be growing out a bit. Avoid the temptation to chop it off and instead go for a stylish, wavy haircut! Brush your grown-out mane back for a vintage Hollywood appearance. Run a little gel into it before style to hold it in place.

17. Curly Braided ‘Do

Try two easy plaits along the middle if you don’t have the time or patience to mess with cornrows. Your hair will stay out of the way and showcase your length in this style, perfect for a gym session.

18. Totally Braided Long Hair

long hairstyles for men

Try a different, more efficient way of keeping your hair out of your face instead of the standard male ponytail. Accept the braid in all of its forms. To make this braid seem more macho, wear it with an undercut.

19. Curly Long Hairstyle

long hairstyles for men

Do not conceal your wild ringlets if you have them. For a lovely cut silhouette, add some soft layers! You can wear your curls side-parted, center-parted, with or without a face hairdo!

20. Sleek and Smooth Man Bun

The man bun, maybe the hottest “do” in town, is one of the most fashionable hairstyles for men with long hair. This look is really fashionable whether it is worn neat or unkempt. Try putting some gel through your hair’s crown and rearranging it into a little, coiled chignon. Check to see if you’re not receiving praise all the time!

21. Men’s Half-Up Pony

long hairstyles for men

You’ve got it on point if this appearance makes you think of Kurt Cobain or Brad Pitt. You simply need to pull up half of your hair to achieve this 90s-inspired semi-bun. It’s easy: part your hair horizontally into two portions, then secure the upper section with a hairband.

22. Suitably Long Hairstyles for Men: The Semi-Bun

long hairstyles for men

It’s not a full bun because the hair is styled in a “devil may care” manner with the tips left out rather than twirled inside. This is the kind of attitude you’d expect from a relaxed California surfer, but it also looks equally good on more metropolitan men. A frontal strand of hair left out adds an added element of carefree coolness.

23. Braided Rows

long hairstyles for men

Let’s take a moment to be sincere in this. The idea that French braids, a style that is traditionally associated with women, could look this amazing on a man seems unreal to us. Nevertheless, you can understand where it’s all coming from if you consider how widespread hip-hop culture has gotten. A well-groomed, lumbersexual-style beard would complete this stylish ensemble. If you have the guts, add a twisted-tip mustache!

24. Men’s Half-Up Ponytail for Curly Long Hair

long hairstyles for men

Did someone say curly hair looks sloppy all the time? Someone, we guess, who has never seen this immaculate ponytail worn halfway up. When your hair reaches your shoulders, it enhances your eyes and creates a polished look on top of your head while letting the remaining hair visually frame your face. It looks fantastic.

25. Down-Samurai

long hairstyles for men

You’ll adore this one if you have long, wavy hair and find inspiration in Oriental cultures. After tying your hair up in a straightforward low-side ponytail, use as many hairbands as necessary to cover the full length of your hair.

26. Messy Shaggy Look with Just One Braid

Do you want a long hairstyle for males that looks good without a lot of effort or grooming? Simple! After washing, let your hair air dry or blow dry it. Next, take a little part and braid it into a single, plain braid that is wispy. Very bohemian.

27. Traditional Long Hairstyles for Men: Mid-Half-Bun

long hairstyles for men

Pull your hair slightly up and back. Pull it back into a ponytail and secure it with an unkempt knot. Leave the ends hanging loose; a flawless bun is not necessary. The idea is to go for a bohemian style that makes it seem like you just woke up this way. Observe how this fashionable haircut gains interest points from the ombre color effect, which transitions from dark black to brown blonde.

28. Men’s Fishtail

long hairstyles for men

Who would have guessed that fishtails would take the long hairstyle scene by storm for men? Fishtail braids are rather difficult to pull off, but the results are amazing, especially on very long, straight hair.

29. Short Curly Bun

long hairstyles for men

When tying your hair back into a medium-height bun, you might want to leave the tips loose if your hair naturally contains curls. It gives a sweet touch to the otherwise classic design and keeps your long hair cool in hot weather.

30. Double Trouble Ponytail

long hairstyles for men

Using only your fingers instead of a comb, divide your hair into two portions, then pull each section into a ponytail. It’s a playful style that works especially well in the summer when you want to hide your mid-length hair from your face.

31. Sleek Low Ponytail

Out of all the long hairstyles for men, this one is the most understated and sophisticated. It only works on extremely straight hair, and for de-frizzing, taming short, unkempt wisps, and adding shine, a tiny bit of gel is needed. Just pull your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, then smooth everything out with your preferred hair product.

32. A dreamer

Although any hairdresser would advise layers and a careful trim for the ends of the hair of moderate density and a casual style like this, he does not prefer a one-length cut.

33. Pompadour man

The pompadour is still very fashionable, having gained immense popularity over the ages. To generate the volume that is farther swept back, this is achieved by teasing the top hair roots. Oh, yes, it will help you stand out from the throng, particularly if highlights that look natural are added.

34. A Ring of Curls

long hairstyles for men

This is a gorgeous rounded haircut that frames the face with loose, airy curls. It is ideal for hair that is rather thick and naturally wavy.

35. Declare your Ponytail

long hairstyles for men

Admire your long hair but sometimes would rather keep it out of the way? Make a loop ponytail with your hair swept back; it’s simple and looks really artistic on a male.

36. For a Formal Look, Use Beach Waves

long hairstyles for men

For the rough texture, light beach waves first work well. Who would have thought that this casual-looking hairdo, more suited for holidays, would mesh so well with the formal look? Despite the fact that Johnny Depp is now over 50, his hairdo is simply replicable.

37. Asymmetry and Additional Movement

long hairstyles for men

Here’s a look at some inventive males who choose to look respectable without going too far. Natural highlights draw attention to the eyes and skin undertone while tucking numerous locks behind the ears and sweeping the front tresses off the forehead to one side.

Regardless of length, men’s hairstyles should seem completely natural and carefree. Decide which of your strong points—such as good density or a straight or wavy texture—you want to focus on and select the best solutions for those areas.


long hairstyles for men

Curly locks are an absolute testament to the fact that your hair can truly be your greatest asset when it comes to long hairstyles for men. Long curls are a laid-back style for men, as long as you’re willing to control the extra frizz. They have texture and volume. Prepare to wear your hair long and confidently now.


long hairstyles for men

You’ll find that not all men’s long hairstyles require a lot of work once you’ve conquered the obstacle of how long hair grows. There’s a whole world of long hairstyles for men out there, just waiting for you guys with straight hair to try them, from middle parts to braids.


long hairstyles for men

A middle-part long hairstyle for guys is a crisp, contemporary, and striking counterpart to the more refined side part. Using a fine comb, carefully draw a line from front to back down the middle of the head in newly washed hair, and then divide the hair. Men with symmetrical features look well in this appearance; consider Jared Leto.


long hairstyles for men

If you’re fortunate enough to have naturally blonde hair, going with a surfer style is an obvious choice. This long haircut for males that requires little upkeep is simply stylish. For that carefree, just-off-the-beach vibe, let your hair fall to just below shoulder length and texturize with matte pomade or sea salt spray.


long hairstyles for men

There is much more to dreadlocks than just long hairstyles for males. Fears can make a powerful statement about spirituality or non-conformity. Dreadlocks can be achieved in a variety of ways; see a professional hairstylist to find out which will suit your hair type the best. Next, use residue-free shampoos to maintain the fresh scent of those long locks.


long hairstyles for men

Long hair can weigh down a quiff, so you’ll need to use a high-heat setting to dry your hair. Purchase a strong-hold hair product for long hair as well to assist in adding height and volume to your quiff. It’s one of the more striking long hairstyles for men, so take your time getting it perfect.


long hairstyles for men

It is officially confirmed that long hairstyles are fashionable for males, particularly masculine braided. Guys with long hair can appear fierce with braids, whether they are French, fishtail, or Viking-style cornrows. These are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face, protecting it, and still looking fashionable.


long hairstyles for men

This is a lengthy hairstyle that was first popularized in the 1990s and has been redesigned for the modern guy. Separate the hair into two halves, gather the top section horizontally, band it up, and get set to look like a cool dude.


long hairstyles for men

A lengthy Viking hairstyle can help you embrace your inner warrior and look manly, virile, and bold. It’s one of the lengthy hairstyles for men that looks great in a variety of sensual and violent looks. Display your bold appearance by wearing your hair in a half-or full ponytail, wearing braids, a bold beard, and more.


If you consider yourself to be edgy and unconventional, an undercut is a fantastic way to express who you are. Have your barber completely shave the back and sides of your hair to create a striking contrast. Then, draw back the long top part into a sloppy ponytail to make a modern men’s long hairdo.


long hairstyles for men

Elegant, classy, but easy to pull off. Despite popular belief, men’s long hairstyles for slick backs require less maintenance. Using clean hands, take a scoop of your preferred gel and run your fingers from front to back through your roots. Men with straight hair suit this look especially well.
Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, and Gerard Butler all have what in common? They all love long hairstyles on men and have all slayed the bro flow. It’s also really simple to become one of these Hollywood A-listers. For a practical hairstyle that works well in the office, let your hair fall in its natural shape and brush it backward away from your eyes.


When it comes to long hairstyles for men, one of the most adaptable alternatives is a bang. Adding bangs may change your entire appearance, whether your goal is to attract attention to your eyes or accentuate a high forehead. Men with oval facial shapes look best with bangs.


Certain lengthy hairstyles for guys draw attention, such as tight curls resembling a corkscrew. Rule No. 1: You must take the time to style and take care of your curls in order to avoid frizz and tangles. Thus, embrace your lion king appearance, use a good shampoo and conditioner, and visit your barber frequently.


long hairstyles for men

In the annals of long-haired men’s haircuts, the mullet holds significant importance. Any type of hair can look great in a classic style from the 1970s and 1980s. All you have to do to achieve it is keep the hair on the back long and the hair on the sides and front short. Choose an undercut to give this timeless style a modern twist.


long hairstyles for men

The fashionable look of fades is one that won’t go out of style very soon. Even though they are more commonly seen on guys with short hair, they can give long haircuts for men a new, contemporary look. It takes a great deal of technical expertise to execute a nice fade, so leave it to the pros.


We’ve all been there: after years of growing out your hair, you start to feel the need for a significant change. So put down the scissors and avoid making any snap judgments you could come to regret. Men’s long hair can still have an edgy, striking look with an undercut, all without giving up on their hard-earned length.


long hairstyles for men

A gentle pompadour added to your hairdo will offer a sophisticated touch if you’re an old-school guy who prefers longer, more traditional men’s hairstyles. Grab a strong-hold product first, then remove a portion of hair from the front. Next, begin brushing in reverse to add lift and maintain the style for a classic appearance.


long hairstyles for men

Your barber does the challenging part the best. Usually on the side, they will part your hair, and then use clippers to create an exaggerated line. This is one of the most understated yet powerful long haircuts for men. In addition, finding your parting after washing will be simpler, making styling a snap.

56. Long two-strand twists

For males with long natural hair, twists are an excellent protective style. Compared to larger twists, smaller twists are more adaptable and endure longer. Combine your twists with a high fade to achieve a tidy appearance on the sides. You can knot your twists together in larger braids or buns, or you can let them hang down.

57. Long shag

long hairstyles for men

The easiest approach to add dimension and shape to any male with long hair is with a layered, shaggy cut. It’s not necessarily necessary to seem defiant or unkempt to be shabby. Comb your hair and use mousse or hairspray to hold it in place for a sophisticated look.

58. Man bun

long hairstyles for men

You typically construct “man buns” at the back of your head or lower, as opposed to top knots. When you slick back the remainder of your hair, buns appear elegant. Use a headband to hold your hair back when pulling it up to run errands, for instance.

59. Afro

long hairstyles for men

It may seem paradoxical, but cutting your hair can be necessary to achieve a well-rounded Afro. For an Afro, your hair must be the same length throughout. After the cut, concentrate on maintaining the health of your hair to encourage rapid growth. Choose a few at-home strategies to promote hair development, such as styling your hair in more protective ways, and implement them into your regimen.

60. Round layers

For a rounded overall form and a soft appearance, ask your stylist for circular layers. This cut will give you natural volume, especially if your hair is curly or wavy. Men with fine hair also look fantastic with these layers.

61. Long Braids

For guys who enjoy a striking look, braids are among the trendiest long hairstyles. Consider creating numerous short, tight braids that begin at your scalp and weave through your long hair to create a striking statement. However, if you’re going for a more understated braided style, consider wearing your hair at the back of your head in a single, long, loose plait. This will give it a sophisticated touch without going crazy. For an extra dose of style, you can even go for a man bun braid or ponytail if you’re feeling especially edgy.

62. Long Grey Hair

long hairstyles for men

It’s a common misconception that only young males can sport long hair. Actually, gray-haired senior gents can carry off long hair that still looks rough and fashionable. Although many guys choose to cut their hair short as they become older, having longer hair can make one appear younger. If you’re ready for a change, growing out your gray hair might be a brave decision that’s well worth trying. This is one of the sexiest long haircuts for men for older guys looking for a comfy yet stylish haircut when paired with a casual yet stylish outfit.

63. Long Curly Mohawk

It is not a cut for the weak of the heart to get a mohawk. It is not appropriate for business settings and exudes a rebellious mood. Alternatively, it’s for males who wish to use their hair as a medium for self-expression; often, this involves shaving both sides and leaving a lengthy strip along the middle. You may give this look a more contemporary update and tenderness by adding curly texture. You can keep the sides slightly messy but still short for a less dramatic look. Alternatively, you might amp up the volume of your curls to achieve a very large and striking style.

64. Professional Men’s Long Hairstyle

Your lengthy hair can still look professional without being chopped. Many styles can convey a more serious impression than long, beachy waves by seeming polished and well-groomed. Among the alternatives is the topknot, which is ideal for men who are more fashion-conscious and want to be creative with their hairdo but still want it out of their eyes. An easy ponytail would work well as a substitute. Man buns are a little more informal, but they may still appear fashionable and professional when worn with a slicked-back look that keeps the hair out of the face.

65. Top Bun

A top bun is a sensible hairstyle option if you have long, wavy hair. Pulling all the hair up into a sloppy updo, secure with a hair elastic. Wear a mustache and a short beard, and shape your short hair around your ears and on the sides.

66. Salt and Pepper Curly Top

You may draw attention to that long, wavy top by using a high fade for the back and sides. Wear it on the desired side and leave the crown part long. A V hairline or receding haircut can be well concealed with this hairdo.

67. Tousled Waves

This men’s side part hairstyle coifs long, tousled waves into a faux hawk at the front for a unique look.

68. Tease it Up

long hairstyles for men

Teasing your roots and adding lift to the top can give you even more volume. Without using a product, this is a terrific technique to give your hair extra volume. While you can tease your hair with your fingertips, you’ll be far more successful backcombing your roots softly with a comb.

69. Ponytail

You can always rely on an old favorite when in doubt. When you merely want your hair off your face, pull it back into a mid-level ponytail.

70. Windblown

Give your waves the spotlight in this carefree, easygoing windblown style. Take a shower and go—this look requires no styling and no products!

Final Thoughts

In the grand tapestry of men’s grooming, long hairstyles have emerged as more than just a fleeting trend; they represent a profound shift in the perception of masculinity and personal expression. Our exploration of the 70 stylish long hairstyles for men has been a journey through tradition, innovation, and the celebration of individuality. As we bid farewell to this style odyssey, it’s clear that long hair isn’t just about fashion; it’s a form of self-expression, a canvas for creativity, and a testament to the diverse nature of personal style. Each hairstyle tells a unique story, from classic waves that stand the test of time to contemporary favorites like the man bun.

For those considering the leap into the world of long hair, the key lies in embracing versatility, overcoming challenges, and staying true to one’s authentic self. Long hairstyles aren’t confined by stereotypes or societal norms; they’re a celebration of diversity and personal choice. So, whether you opt for the polished sophistication of a slicked-back look or the relaxed charm of messy textured locks, remember that your hairstyle is an extension of who you are. The 70 styles we’ve explored are just the beginning – an invitation to explore, experiment, and find the long hairstyle that resonates with your personality and lifestyle.

As the journey through men’s long hairstyles concludes, the message is clear: embrace the flow, revel in the freedom of self-expression, and let your hair tell a story that is uniquely yours.

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