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How To Select The Perfect Haircuts For Your Face Shape Male

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Choosing the right haircut goes beyond trends; it’s about finding a look that enhances your unique features. It’s important to know which hairstyle best suits your face type before you get your hair cut. You never know what a little additional inch or a few whiskers of facial hair can do for you. Do you realize that a terrible set of eyebrows can drastically alter your appearance? With hair, it’s the same story. We can provide you with haircuts for any type of face shape, including square, diamond, heart, round, long, or rectangular faces. No, you cannot choose to own one of each face. In this article, we’ll explore the art of selecting the perfect hairstyle based on your face shape, ensuring that your hair complements and accentuates your natural beauty.

Understanding Face Shapes:

Before diving into specific hairstyles, it’s essential to understand your face shape. Identifying whether you have an oval, round, square, heart, or diamond face will serve as the foundation for selecting styles that enhance your overall appearance. Finding out your face shape is the first step in answering the question, “Which hairstyle suits me?” Look at the graphic below and use a mirror to see how your face looks next to the various types of male faces. In case you’re unaware, there are more thorough instructions at the bottom of this post.



1. Round

Leonardo DiCaprio

Though it may seem that a round face shape is the most dissimilar from a square one, they have several important things in common. Both types tend to be very symmetrical and have a comparable breadth from top to bottom, even though you might not have the sharp, prominent jawline of your dreams.

Be cautious not to choose styles that are naturally round and have no “corners,” as these will only highlight the fullness of the face and the softness of the features. Among them are faded crops and buzzcuts. Choose styles that create volume without adding a lot of weight, like taper heads, choppy bedhead looks, and the traditional side parting.



A round face shape, which is circular with a rounded chin and no prominent lines or angles, looks best with a haircut that gives it some definition. Choose one of these hairstyles to fit your face, whether you’re seeking haircuts for chubby faces because you have extra baby fat or because your face doesn’t have enough angles.

“Think square if your face shape is round”. Round features lack natural angles, so you have to use your hair to provide the appearance of the structure. Front fringes and styles with a high, tight-fitting top, such as a pompadour or flat top, are excellent choices for adding structure.

“Any soft edges in the high recession area of your hair will be sharpened up with square corners.” “Having a full square beard can also assist in creating the illusion of a more chiseled jaw by slimming the chin area.”

2. Oval

Robert Pattinson

Round faces are frequently confused with oval faces. Even though they can both seem fairly similar, oval forms can have rather different hairstyles because of their smaller chins and higher cheekbones. “Aim for a fringe that keeps the majority of your mug visible; avoid long, sweeping fringes that cover the face and soften the angles.” Slicked-back mid-length and long hairstyles look great on oval faces. Subtle mod styles and delicate crops are good choices for shorter hairstyles. To offset angular elements, it can be a good idea to keep the edges more rounded.



Even though it’s not the most masculine of face types, an oval face shape lends itself well to experimentation in men’s haircuts. Oval faces are symmetrical and well-proportioned, making them suitable for almost any hairstyle. That means, you lucky guy, you can choose whatever hairdo you like.

Nevertheless, there are a few small warnings to make sure you maximize your ovalness. According to Aveda master barber Stelios Nicolaou, “The trick with an oval face shape is to wear your hair off the forehead to create some volume and angles on top.” “A classic short back and sides with a slightly longer top and a side-swept parting is the most appropriate style.”

Also, it would help if you stayed away from a front fringe. According to famous hairstylist Jamie Stevens, “Too much heaviness on the forehead softens features and increases roundness of the face.” Go clean-shaven; you don’t need facial hair to fill in any disproportionate gaps in this situation.

3. Square

Henry Cavill

Square faces are perhaps the most versatile face shape, going well with the greatest variety of hairstyles. They typically have a distinct, angular jaw. In essence, you’ve won the genetic jackpot if you have a square face. But if you want to get the most out of it, there are still a few basic guidelines you should adhere to before you start celebrating.

“Avoid any styles that add volume on the sides as they will emphasize this width too much, as square faces tend to be wider.” Therefore, if you have a good head of hair, ‘does like textured quiffs and pompadours that are trimmed across the back and sides and longer and taller through the top work well. French crops and buzzcuts are also excellent choices that are incredibly flattering if you have thinning hair or a receding hairline.



Square faces are thought to be the ultimate representation of the masculine; they have even proportions, a strong jawline, and a chiseled overall appearance. Similar to the oval, it’s a fantastic base for most looks and adaptable enough to work with buzz cuts, French crops, quiffs, and very short haircuts. Just keep in mind that you appear more like you were recently conscripted the shorter you go. Not that it won’t be beneficial to you. According to Stevens, “Classic, tidy haircuts work best with a square shape—think close fades, side partings, and short layers.” Additionally, a little stubble adds a nice roughness to your jawline without obfuscating its sharp edges.

4. Oblong

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting a hairstyle that highlights an oblong face shape is that it should broaden the features of the face instead of making it appear longer. You want to avoid doing it at all costs.

“We advise against hairstyles that have a lot more length on the sides and back than the top, such as skin-faded undercuts or quiffs“. The ideal choice is to forego using clippers entirely in favor of a traditional scissor-cut haircut like the Ivy League or the Executive Contour. A Caesar or a shaggy, surfer-inspired look would also look good on you if you prefer something a little more edgy.



Long faces, which are often referred to as rectangular or oblong face shapes, are in the middle of oval and square face shapes. To avoid making the face appear even longer than it is, a subtle hairstyle adjustment is necessary.

“It’s important to avoid taking the sides too short if keeping length on the top, as this would only highlight the length of the face because a rectangular face looks longer.” “Aim for a well-proportioned cut that doesn’t cut the sides excessively short or leave the top excessively long.”

To add width and prevent your face from appearing smaller than it is, take heed of that suggestion and consider styling your hair to fall to the sides and across your forehead. Lastly, never go for a beard reminiscent of the Duck Dynasty. “Try facial hair that ranges in length from stubble to a short beard to fill in any gaps; a full beard only lengthens the face.”

5. Diamond

Tom Hiddleston

A diamond-shaped face, somewhat unsurprisingly, tends to get thinner towards the chin, so you’ll probably have more angular features and prominent cheekbones. Here, the major goals are to soften the features, balance the contour, and prevent the ears from seeming huge where the head is widest.

“The roundness and volume work well with longer, layered styles.” “If you’d rather wear your hair shorter, use scissors instead of clippers because the softer, textured sides will look much nicer. Again, go for loose and easygoing over anything too precise when it comes to fringes.



One of the less common facial types for men is the diamond face shape, which is narrow in the chin and brow and wide in the cheeks. It needs to meet certain specialized conditions to look as good as its namesake. “Your best option is to get a hairstyle that adds width to your chin and forehead”. “Longer styles that can be tucked behind the ears are great for showing the bone structure of a diamond shape, while fringes work well to add texture to the forehead.”

However, avoid cutting the sides extremely short—a hairstyle that is especially short at the sides will simply make your ears appear larger given the width of your cheekbones. This face shape benefits from softer lines and layers since they lessen the natural angles. If you want to add some size to a smaller chin, try a side sweep or deep side parting.

6. Triangular

Ryan Gosling

A prominent jawline and a relatively narrow forehead are characteristics of triangular face types. The styles that add height and volume through the top tend to work best for this type of face shape. “Side parts, pompadours, and quiffs will all work flawlessly.” These styles are wonderful because you can switch up the sides. For a more classic look, go with a scissor cut, or go with a low fade for a sharper, more modern look. To get the most out of these kinds of “dos,” a hairdryer could be necessary. But don’t be intimidated—once you get the feel of it, it’s really simple.



A triangle-shaped face needs to be treated differently because of its wide jawline and thin forehead. “With this one, volume is the king of styles.” “Choose longer, nose-length haircuts that have fuller sides for an added depth effect.” The lightest stubble is the most beard you’ll look decent with. However, it’s ideal to stay clean-shaven in this situation because of how prominent the jawline is. Guys, get your razors ready.

Final Thoughts

Think about things like hair texture, volume, and maintenance in addition to face shape. By being aware of these factors, you may make sure that the haircut you’ve chosen fits your tastes and lifestyle. Clearly express the appearance you want and be aware of the stylistic options to work with your stylist. A satisfying outcome is ensured by working together. Choosing the ideal haircut is a personal adventure that requires confidently expressing who you are and appreciating your distinctive traits. Knowing the shape of your face and taking important aspects into account will help you choose a haircut that perfectly captures your style and personality.



Consider your face shape first while choosing a haircut. That’s easy. First, get a flexible tape measure. Next, measure the following, making a note of each measurement as you go.

Forehead: Measure from the top of one eyebrow arch to the top of the other across your face.
Cheekbones: from the point just below each eye’s outer corner to the other.
Jawline: Take a measurement starting at the place where your jaw bends upwards, just behind your ear. To find your jawline measurement, multiply that number by two.
Face length: starting at the middle of your hairline and ending at the tip of your chin.

After taking these measurements, identify which of the four measurements is the largest. Then, use this information to compare your face to the seven primary profiles.

Oval: The forehead is higher than the jawline, and the length of the face exceeds the breadth of the cheekbones. The jaw’s angle is rounded as opposed to acute.

Long: The largest measurement is the length of the face. The size of the jawline, cheeks, and forehead are comparable.

Triangular: The forehead is larger than the cheekbones, which are larger than the jawline.

Round: The measurement of the cheekbones and facial length are comparable. Compared to the forehead and jawline, which have comparable measurements, they are bigger. The jaw’s angle is rounded and much less distinct.

Heart: The forehead is larger than the jawline and cheeks. The chin is angled.

Square: The measurements are all rather comparable. The jaw has a sharp angle instead of a rounded one.

Diamond: The longest face length is measured. Next, smaller jawline, forehead, and cheekbones are arranged in decreasing order. The chin is angled.


Round, long or rectangular, oval, square, heart, diamond, and triangle are the seven various face shapes that males might have.

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